Mazie's Fund

“Well we can’t just leave this one here,” Pam said, gazing down at the hound on the other side of a rusty chain link fence. ‘No,” I agreed, “That would be hard.” She wagged her tail furiously, looking hopeful. She had an ominously distended belly.

Dr. Russell confirmed our fears: Mazie had a massive tumor on her spleen. We decided we would spoil her for the time she had left. After a few months, she became very ill and stopped eating. By this time, we were in love with the sweet girl. Dr. Russell said, “Well we can euthanize, or I can take a look in there, but it probably won’t be good news.”

I tearfully agreed he should take a look. Later that day he performed a very tricky surgery, removing the spleen and the gigantic tumor. Mazie came through just fine, but we knew the cancer would recur. A few days later came the news that the tumor was benign! Mazie had beat the odds. She jumps and plays, runs for miles, and snuggles like a champ.

Please help us do for other dogs what we were able to do for Mazie. Most of the dogs we take in are seniors or disabled; some have significant health issues. But with a little love and a little effort, these dear ones who have been cast off can have another chance at a happy and contented life. Please donate now!

Thank you so much!

Another Chance Ranch is a non-profit corporation in Saint Augustine, Florida. We are a home for animals that would otherwise have no chance at a decent quality of life: the elderly, the infirm, the un-adoptable. We demonstrate that forgotten animals can thrive and become animated companions if they are given the right attention, food, healthcare and environment. Though we can help only a tiny fraction of animals in need, we hope that our example encourages others to give neglected animals another chance. ​Our sanctuary is adjacent to a conservation area, and we maintain our pond and 20 acres of swampland as protected habitat for local wildlife.

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