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Cat Rescue


All of our cats are rescued. Some were "dumped" at our farm in Wisconsin, others were rescued here in Florida. They are housed in our cattery, which has seven sections, each with an indoor and an outdoor section. They have access to two screened recreation areas on a rotating basis.


Marvin (formerly Starvin Marvin) was a full grown painfully thin (less than 5 lbs) cat with matted fur when he was abandoned. Pam, our vet techs, and several of our dogs had to be treated for the ringworm he gave us. Now he's filled out, has a luxurious coat, and likes to be held. 

Lokie was a street Tomcat who repeatedly showed up at a volunteer's home

Lokie, a neighborhood Tomcat, repeatedly showed showed up at a donor's home with new injuries and other signs of abuse. We had him neutered, got his injuries healed, and found a home for him. He has given up his old ways and is a contented, friendly indoor cat. 

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Uno (right) and Dos were rescued along with 40 other cats from a grim hoarding situation. When it was decided that there was no more room for the remaining cats, Uno jumped up on the carrier as if to say "take me too". Most of the others were neutered and became farm cats.