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Dog Rescues


 Phiona was to be "euthanized" at age 15 because her owners were moving out of the country. She had two active, happy years with us.


Bear spent 3 years in a cage at a no-kill rescue. He's our friendly ambassador at special events.


Augie is an old guy with a bad leg, heart-worm and a great disposition 

Calhoun, Joy and Pete (R to L) were rescued as puppies from a neglectful back yard breeder. Joy and Pete's mother froze to death the next winter.

Poodle Boy is 17 years old, deaf, sees poorly and has no teeth. He's stiff but gets around OK.

Mazie came to the Ranch for hospice care with a huge abdominal tumor (upper right). However the tumor was successfully removed and proved benign. She is now sleek, athletic and very happy.