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Sheep and Goat Rescue


Lewis is a 17 year old Boer goat. He was rescued from a goat farm. Being a "meat" goat his alternative fate would not have been good. 


Maggie came to the Ranch when her owners became too ill to care for her. Since her arrival she had a hind leg amputated for cancer.


Gertie came to us with Maggie. She was very old and died a few weeks after she arrived.


Lambsie (black) and Divie have been in the family for many years. Divie passed away at age 14. 


Karuna was rescued on the roadside as a newborn. Her mother and other sheep were being "shipped off" as she was born, and she was left to die. She was rescued by a passerby who bottle fed her for her first month then brought her to the Ranch.