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 Phiona was to be "euthanized" at age 15 because her owners were moving out of the country. She had two active, happy years with us.



Bear spent three years in a cage with little to no attention at a no-kill rescue. He's our friendly ambassador at special events.



Auggie is an old guy with a bad leg, heart-worm and a big heart



Mazie came to the Ranch for hospice care with a huge abdominal tumor (upper right). However the tumor was successfully removed and proved benign. She is now sleek, athletic and very happy.

Calhoun, Joy & Pete


Calhoun, Joy and Pete (R to L) were rescued as puppies from a neglectful back yard breeder. Joy and Pete's mother froze to death the next winter.



Poodle Boy is 18 years old, deaf, sees poorly and has no teeth. He's stiff but gets around alright and is full of love.



Marvin (formerly Starvin Marvin) was a full grown painfully thin (less than 5 lbs) cat with matted fur when he was abandoned. Pam, our vet techs, and several of our dogs had to be treated for the ringworm he gave us. Now he's filled out, has a luxurious coat, and likes to be held. 



Lokie, a neighborhood Tomcat, repeatedly showed showed up at a donor's home with new injuries and other signs of abuse. We had him neutered, got his injuries healed, and found a home for him. He has given up his old ways and is a contented, friendly indoor cat. 

Uno & Dos


Uno (right) and Dos were rescued along with 40 other cats from a grim hoarding situation. When it was decided that there was no more room for the remaining cats, Uno jumped up on the carrier as if to say "take me too". Most of the others were neutered and became farm cats.

Happy Home


All of our cats are rescued; some were "dumped" at our farm in Wisconsin, others were rescued here in Florida. They are housed in our cattery, which has seven sections, each with an indoor and an outdoor section. They have access to two screened recreation areas on a rotating basis.

Pam & Betty


Pam and Betty were wild donkeys that were captured in a Bureau of Land Management roundup in Texas. They were rescued by Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue before we took them in



Eddie was rescued from Animal Control. His back hooves were badly deformed, and he was to be euthanized if no one adopted him. After several hoof trimming sessions (sedation required) he's walking great.



Star is a mustang that was born in a Bureau of Land Management holding facility. 

Edith Piaf


Our first Guinea hen, Edith Piaf , was resuscitated as a newly hatched chick using mouth to beak resuscitation. She was named after the French cabaret singer because of her powerful and rarely silent voice.



Jenny the Guinea were delivered to the Northeast Florida Wildlife Coalition then brought to us, as she did not fit their wildlife definition. 



Our first duck, Louis, was an Easter duckling purchased by our neighbor for her child, who no longer wanted him when he grew up. (Gifts to children of ducklings, chicks and bunnies are generally a bad idea). Most of our current flock are his descendants.


Sweet Taty


This farm pig who was rescued by a friend of the Ranch who did not want to see him raised for meat, which was the fate of the rest of his litter. 

Pei-Pei & her Piglets


Pei-Pei is a pot-belly pig that was abandoned with her piglets, Li'l Lee and CJ, when her owner's property was foreclosed. 


Our animals get along very well, here Taty is meeting with her secret admirer.


Hiding under an abandoned house, we spent 7 hours rescuing Pei-Pei and her piglets.

Goats & sheep



Lewis is a an elderly Boer goat. He was rescued from a goat farm.where he was going to be a "meat" goat.  Lewis loved his days with us. He passed away at the ripe old age of 20.



Maggie came to the Ranch when her owners became too ill to care for her. Since her arrival she had a hind leg amputated for cancer. She had a few comfortable months before her cancer became widespread.



Karuna was rescued on the roadside as a newborn. Her mother and other sheep were being "shipped off" as she was born, and she was left to die. She was rescued by a passerby who bottle fed her for her first month then brought her to the Ranch.

Lambsie & Divie


Lambsie (left) and Divie have been in the family for many years. Divie passed away at age 14, Lambsie at 17. 



Gertie came to us with Maggie. She was very old and passed away peacefully a few weeks after she arrived.

Did you know?


Sheep are very intelligent animals, when they feel safe and secure they will flock around and be silly. This shows they're loving, gentle and  bright personalities.


African Spurred (Sulcota)


Their natural habitat is African desert. They tolerate cold poorly, and spend cool north Florida nights in their shed under the heat lamps. They drink only occasionally and get most of the water they need from lettuce, kale and collards from our garden.

Jaws & Sandy


 Jaws  and Sandy are not rescue animals. They were acquired 16 years ago at a  reptile expo in Albuquerque, NM. They were about 3" across then, and have  grown to about 110-120 lbs. They can live for up to 100 years, so they  will be cared for by our heirs.  

Did you know?


These girls are extremely strong, and they can dig like bulldozers. The fencing is hog panel sunk 8" in the ground attached to 4" posts. On warm days they spend most of their day grazing on the lawn (they are strictly vegetarians).  The grass is always greener (and longer) on the other side of the fence.