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Your support and contributions will help us to meet our goals and improve conditions for our animals . Your generous donation will fund our mission, thank you!

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Activities included walking and bathing  dogs, cleaning stalls, grooming horse and donkeys, mowing grass and helping prepare for upcoming events. We need all the help we can get!



Volunteers are often tasked with taking new pictures for the website and Facebook. Joy, one of the hounds,  preferred to snuggle rather than be photographed.



One benefit that volunteers provide is giving quality time to sanctuary animals. Most of our 22 cats would love to have human companionship 24/7.

Art Work


Volunteers have MANY talents, artists are allowed to show their creativity! Some created a mural in the cattery to provide the felines and caretakers with a more interesting indoor environment.

Best photo by a volunteer


This picture of 17 year old Poodle Boy and cancer survivor Diego won best photo.

Photo contest runner up


This closeup of Sweet Tatie, who was rescued from becoming someone's dinner as a piglet, took a close second place.

Flagler College Volunteers

As a part of the St. Augustine community, we hope to engage all members with our furry friends. On October 24, 2018 Flagler College Volunteers provided a huge help to us and our animals. Because of the overwhelming amount of animals we have on the ranch, it is a lot to take care of by just our family and friends. Responsibilities must be done EVERYDAY.  

The more volunteers with have, the better our  sanctuary will be.